Zirconium Hafnium Carbon Properties

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Why should we use Hafnium zirconium carbon(ZHM alloy) ?

Hafnium Zirconium Carbon Properties:
Hafnium zirconium carbon(ZHM alloy) advantages compared to other molybdenum alloy:

Above 40%~50% tensile strength higher than TZM alloy

Better creep resistance

Higher recrystallization temperature

Better welding properties.

Multicomponent Hafnium Zirconium Carbon(ZHM alloy) Systems:

Alloy Series Grades Nominal Composition Recrystallization Temperature(℃)
ZHM Mo-0.5Zr-1.5Hf-0.2C ~1500
ZHM4 Mo-1.2Hf-0.4Zr-0.15C* ~1500
ZHM6 Mo-1.5Hf-0.5Zr-0.19C* ~1500
ZHM7 Mo-1.8Hf-0.6Zr-0.23C* ~1500
ZHM8 Mo-2.1Hf-0.7Zr-0.27C* ~1500
Note: "*" means domestic studies have not been fully formed

ZHM alloy's room-temperature tensile strength is higher than TZM molybdenum alloy of approximately 40% to 50% and it t is the highest intensity molybdenum alloy.

ZHM alloy is still in the development stage, mainly processed into ingots was built, as superalloy powder isothermal forging die. ZHM alloy will be another super alloy in the future.