Hafnium Zirconium Molybdenum Properties

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Why should we use Hafnium zirconium molybdenum(ZHM alloy) ?

Hafnium Zirconium Molybdenum(ZHM alloy) is a molybdenum alloy which room-temperature tensile strength is higher than TZM molybdenum alloy of approximately 40% to 50% and it t is the highest intensity molybdenum alloy.
Hafnium zirconium molybdenum properties are as follows:

Material Elements Symbols Density(g/cm3)20℃ Melting Point(℃) Boiling Point(℃)
Molybdenum Mo 10.28 2610 5560
Hafnium Hf 13.310 2222±10 4603
Zirconium Zr 6.511 1852±2 3530
Carbon C 2.267~3.515 3727 4827

High temperature tensile strength and elongation of ZHM alloy:

Material Elements Symbols Temperature(℃) Mons’ Hardness Scale Tensile strength(MPa)
Molybdenum Mo 1000 5.5 2500~3300
Hafnium Hf 1000 5.5 1500
Zirconium Zr 1000 5 3000
Carbon C 1000 1~10 4000

Thermal Properties of ZHM Alloy Composition:

Material Elements Symbols Thermal Expansion(/K) Thermal Conductivity(Wm·K)
Molybdenum Mo (5.5~6.2)×10-6 1.38
Hafnium Hf 6.73×10-6 23
Zirconium Zr 9.6×10-6 22.7
Carbon C 8×10-6 119~165

ZHM alloy is still in the development stage, mainly processed into ingots was built, as super alloy powder isothermal forging die and it must be widely applied in the future.