Hafnium Zirconium Molybdenum Preparation

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How to get Hafnium Zirconium Molybdenum(ZHM alloy)?

Hafnium zirconium molybdenum preparation: Powder Metallurgy

Hafnium zirconium molybdenum(ZHM alloy) Chemical Composition:
Mo + 1.5%Hf + 0.5% Zr + 0.2% C

Mix high-purity molybdenum powder with hafnium hydride, zirconium hydride and carbon well and molded or press-forming by isostatic.

Mold pressing is suitable for small size, simple shape and a large quantity of products produce.

Isostatic pressing is suitable for the pressing of large, complex shape parts or forging, rolling rough. Isostatic pressure as 150 MPa, and sintering of the pressed product at 1950 to 2100 ° C in a hydrogen furnace, the fine grain size of the sintered product, the density maybe up to 95% ~ 98% of the theoretical value.